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 RecruitAnywhere: the only fully automated multiposter

Multipost to multiple job boards in just minutes

RecruitAnywhere is the one and only fully automated multiposting system in the recruitment market.

Jobs are posted fully automated traight from your ATS or CRM system.

With our unique technology jobs are posted with the utmost care. Provided with all correct criteria per job board.

No criteria per job board needed

In advance you decide your preferred criteria to match those of the job boards. With the mapping tool you can manage and refine them if needed. In this way, it is 100% guaranteed your jobs are posted with all correct criteria/ Without having to enter criteria per vacancy per channel.

RecruitAnywhere does not make use of a ‘self-learning system’ or job parsing. Up to 30% of job criteria are guessed wrong and jobs are posted accordingly.

Job board connections are configured instead of built

Our technical support staff configure the connections with the job boards. Without any help of developers. The great advantage of their technical knowledge and comprehension is that clients as well as job boards are better serviced. You can reach our technical helpdesk by phone.

Corporate identity

On job boards supporting HTML markup RecruitAnywhere can send the job marked up with your corporate identity. Style elements can also be auto-adjusted depending on for instance the job category or region for maximum flexibility.


Enter up to three job texts per job in RecruitAnywhere, e.g. the job in English, Dutch and French. RecruitAnywhere will auto-detect the language the texts are written in and post it accordingly on the job boards that support multiple texts per job.


On a number of job boards RecruitAnywhere can add YouTube video's fully integrated in the job ad.

Set-up Service

To start using RecruitAnywhere is very easy. The system is fully implemented by us in advance: locations, recruiters (optional), job board accounts, application links and mappings. You can manage the locations, recruiters and mappings subsequently. The job board and social media accounts will be managed for you by RecruitmentTechnologies. Before using RecruitAnywhere you will have a detailed instruction and you can start posting your jobs right away.

Job applications

Jobs posted by RecruitAnywhere all contain a link back to your application form. This link also contains information on what job board or social medium the job application link has been clicked for your statistics.

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 #1 user friendliness

Our clients tell us: compared to other systems RecruitAnywhere is by far the most user-friendly system, both when used directly and from an ATS.

 500+ job boards

You can automatically post jobs on over 500 job boards, social media channels, including your own website.

 No guessing criteria

100% guaranteed your job is posted using your preferred criteria, as you yourself can manage the mapping between your criteria and those of the job boards.

 Technical support staff

When contacting RecruitmentTechnologies you are directly connected to our technical, professional and friendly support staff (the same guys who interface the job boards).

 Real time job posting

No ‘feeds’ but real time interfaces: on 90% of the interfaced job boards your job is visible to candidates within 10 minutes.

 Innovation and patents

RecruitmentTechnologies has patents in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United States with patent pending in the United Kingdom.

 Development team

Our development team in Brno (Czech Republic) is directed from The Netherlands and is currently also working on the latest version of our system.

 Cut down on costs

RecruitAnywhere is the only fully automated multiposter saving you countless hours of your recruiters.

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