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 About RecruitmentTechnologies

We are RecruitmentTechnologies.

We provide fine, easy to use recruitment technology for highly competitive companies.

As Knollenstein Technologies, we introduced fully automated job posting (multi-posting) 17 years ago. From the very beginning our technique has been based on an innovation called 'mappings'. A very precise technique for posting jobs to any number of job boards without having to enter criteria per job board, that has not been equalled by other multi-posters.

Nowadays, we offer several additional and technically unique online recruitment products, to meet the growing demand for fast and good recruitment of candidates.

Matching products to complement your ATS:

ApplyAnywhere - mobile conversion

RecruitAnywhere - multiposting

SourceAnyone - multisourcing

StatEverything - real-time statistics

AnyWorkflow - automate any workflow

With a number of patents we may be considered a true innovation leader in the recruitment market.

We are known for our customer-oriented services. Because of our user-friendly technology, but also because of our technical support staff who are always reachable by phone.

Developing revolutionary recruitment technology is our very essence. We are Recruitment Technologies.

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