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Simplify applications and boost your conversion rates with JobBoardApply. Candidates can easily apply on the job board, seamlessly integrating their applications with your ATS.

Experience the power of JobBoardApply and discover a new level of convenience and effectiveness in job board applications.

JobBoardApply is our cutting-edge job board technology that transforms the application process for candidates, eliminating the need for redirection to external websites. With JobBoardApply, candidates can seamlessly apply for positions directly on the job board platform, leading to increased conversion rates and a streamlined experience.

Unlike traditional methods where candidates are redirected to the client's website to complete the application process, JobBoardApply enables candidates to submit their applications directly on the job board. This innovative technology ensures a seamless and efficient application experience, reducing friction and improving candidate engagement.

Receiving applications directly in your ATS

But that's not all - JobBoardApply also ensures that the client doesn't miss out on receiving the application. Simultaneously, while the candidate submits their application on the job board, the application is seamlessly transmitted to the client's Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This means that the client still receives the application in their preferred system, ensuring a smooth workflow and eliminating any manual data entry.

By using JobBoardApply, clients can enjoy increased conversion rates, as candidates no longer have to navigate through multiple websites to complete their application. The simplified process enhances the candidate experience and encourages more qualified applicants to apply.

For job boards

With JobBoardApply we offer seamless integration for job board partners to send job applications directly to the ATS.

Our robust API integrates with ATS systems, and even without an API we can integrate with the application form. Additionally, our system provides valuable insights on candidate applications, empowering job boards to implement a Cost-Per-Application (CPA) pricing model.

Join the growing number of job boards that integrate with JobBoardApply and boost the performance of your job board.

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